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Brownfield Development Strategies

Significant population growth in Australia has created unprecedented demand for more urban development near business centres. 

The 2016 Melbourne Planning Scheme, like other schemes in all Australian Capital Cities, aims to locate new housing in or close to activity centres and employment corridors and at other strategic redevelopment sites that offer good access to services and transport. The Plan aims to ensure an adequate supply of redevelopment opportunities within the established urban area to reduce the pressure for fringe development. 

Forecasts of the distribution of new households in Melbourne show a doubling of the proportion of brownfield developments:


  • 52,000 new greenfield dwellings (45%)
  • 30,000 new brownfield dwellings (26%)
  • 33,000 new dispersed development (29%)



  • 17,500 new greenfield dwellings (22%)
  • 41,700 new brownfield dwellings (54%)
  • 18,800 new dispersed development (24%)

As more pressure is placed on developing in-fill sites there will be greater challenges to build on land that historically was not economically viable to clean-up to allow developments to proceed.

The expansion of brownfield developments that is forecast for all major Australian Capital Cities over the next decade will necessitate a renewed perspective on land remediation. Industrial land that historically may have been unviable to remediate is now becoming much more valuable and consequently there is now a need to identify innovative and cost-effective remediation solutions.

The management of contaminated land issues is now a much bigger part in the overall feasibility of brownfield developments. Understanding of the entire value chain in remediation (from site assessment, through risk characterisation, technology identification and selection, pilot testing, implementation and closure) is no longer just desirable but essential for the successful outcome of brownfield projects.

Peraco has specialist expertise and experience in understanding the challenges and drivers of new brownfield projects. Peraco works beyond simple regulatory driven processes and incorporates pro-active project specific Strategies that address the specific needs of brownfield development projects.

Time is usually the biggest enemy of brownfield projects, often pushing projects into durations that can cause enormous stress on cash flows and project delivery. Early identification and catering for the necessary steps in contaminated land management are key to avoiding delays and cost.

Depending on client needs Peraco provides decades long experience and expertise to assist with risk identification, contract management, remediation execution, audit outcomes and risk mitigation strategies.